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Going through formal proceedings of filing divorce is extremely frustrating. Highly skilled unbundled lawyers under Affordable legal Help will ensure that your goals and demands are met without breaking your bank.

Child Support

Paying and getting paid child support can be difficult and tiring. Our lawyers are committed to solving any child support issues as quickly as possible so that the financial future of your family is secured.

Child Adoption

Taking legal and parental rights over a child is an exciting but stressful process. The attorneys we partner with ensure that the specific legal details are taken care of so you can enjoy becoming a parent.

Child Custody

Although children can choose for themselves, The custody matter is usually decided in the courtroom. Our lawyers will help you inform the judge about the situation and determine the option that is best for your child.

Grand Parent's Rights

As grandparents, you have certain rights that should not be taken away from you. With our attorneys, you can be sure that you won't lose these rights and that you will live a secure life.

Why Choose Our Lawyers?


Each of the attorneys and firms in our proven network has decades of experience serving other individuals in your area. They can serve a variety of needs and even address the most unique cases.


The lawyers in our network really care about getting you the help that you need while treating you with dignity, respect, and communication every step of the way. If you want an attorney that you’ll like to work with, choose one in our network.


The attorneys in the Affordable Legal Help network live up to their title and are happy to provide legal assistance that can be used by anyone--including those on a tight budget.


Our network features thousands of attorneys and firms, and you’ll be able to easily connect with one in your area to make communication much easier and faster.


You’ll always be able to get in touch with our attorneys. Our lawyers don’t believe in leaving clients in the dark and they’ll be there to answer your questions and address your concerns whenever the need arises.


Our in-network attorneys care about results more than anything. They will fight hard to achieve your desired result and won’t rest until every avenue of legal recourse has been exhausted.

What people are saying

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Carla Houston, Georgia

"This company rocks. Before them I was quoted over $3000.00 to take my case. "Affordable Legal Help" offered me a couple different programs where I ended up saving about $1000. Thank you for your help in finalizing my divorce."

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Jack Martin,Texas

"This experience with Affordable Legal Help was great. They truly care about your needs. They know how to get you the proper help you need. They really helped put me at ease. Thank you so much for everything!!!!"

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Jennifer Slate, North Dakota

"I have been a client of Affordable legal Help for some time. I found this Family law firm to be most professional and efficient. I would highly recommend them to my family, friends or anyone seeking legal services."

Press Release

Although legal assistance solves one problem, it creates another, i.e. the financial issues. Legal assistance has always been one of the most expensive services in America to the extent that many people would rather forego a family matter rather than invest in hiring a good lawyer.

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Unbundling or A-La-Carte Services is gaining popularity among both attorneys and the public.

There is an old adage which states that good help is hard to find. As we go about our daily business that can certainly seem to be the case. It is inevitable that, in the daily grind of activities like doing business, travel, entertainment, dining out, shopping, maintaining a home, and dealing with serious legal and medical issues, we require a lot of help. Most often that help is given to us by people who work hard to...

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The guidelines are set forth in child support calculator Texas to be used in courts when calculating the amount of child support owed. The guidelines are a reasonable set of laws and their aim is in the best interest of the child. As biological parentage is obvious, mothers of children are granted parental rights automatically. But for fathers the rules are different. If a child is born out of...

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Going through a divorce is a challenging, painful, transforming, and expensive experience. It is not something that anyone wants to go through but there are times when it becomes necessary in order to end a failed, sometimes even abusive, marriage and move on. Depending on factors like the money and property involved, disputes over custody of children, and the attitude of the parties, it can be a long, messy process...

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