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Grand Parents Rights

The kind of relationship that grandparents share with their grandchildren is special; one that most grandchildren live to remember for the entirety of their lives. Grandparents are exceedingly proud of their grandchildren, and spending quality time with them is often a source of joy and profound happiness. On a rather sad note, divorce can come between the special relationship shared by grandparents and their grandchildren, resulting to moments of tension and grief.

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Grandparents to children whose parents have separated or are on the verge of separation usually experience difficulties with coping during such sad times. The thought of your grandchild being raised by the other parent and their new spouse can be unnerving, especially in the face of the real possibility of not being able to share happy moments as often as before. Events like this can negatively impact the relationship between involved families. If you are intent on preventing matters from going down the path of deterioration, it is important to do what you can to at least gain visitation rights as a grandparent.

As a matter of fact, in a times like this, the best course of action to take as a grandparent is to seek professional legal council and representation. You’ll need to work with a family law firm with an exceptionally brilliant track record.

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We frequently handle grandparents' rights in cases involving:

 Divorce or separation of grandchild's parents

 Deceased parent of grandchild

 Grandchild living with grandparent(s)

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