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How Unbundled Legal Services Benefit Divorce Cases


Going through a divorce is a challenging, painful, transforming, and expensive experience.  It is not something that anyone wants to go through but there are times when it becomes necessary in order to end a failed, sometimes even abusive, marriage and move on.  Depending on factors like the money and property involved, disputes over custody of children, and the attitude of the parties, it can be a long, messy process.  The complicated issues and laws around divorce mean that the average person is truly in need of affordable legal help when they go through a divorce.   In this article we will explore how a low-cost family lawyer can assist with

How are attorneys paid?   

It will be helpful to begin by clarifying what unbundled legal services entail.  Attorneys have traditionally been paid through a few different methods.  Perhaps the most common is by charging an hourly rate (usually quite expensive) that results in a bill based on the number of hours they have spent working on your case.  Not usually the best method for obtaining affordable legal help!  Another method of payment is a fixed or flat fee, which a lawyer will charge for a specific service, such as preparing estate planning documents.  Contingency fees are usually used in personal injury cases.  An attorney charges nothing but received an agreed upon percentage of any money that is awarded to their client.  If the client receives nothing then they don’t have to pay their attorney.  Retainers fees are paid to lawyers as an advance against future legal work.  A lawyer who accepts a retainer fee agrees to be available for client when a legal issue arises.

How does the concept of unbundled legal services work?

Every case that an attorney takes on is made up of a many different details that require their attention.  Different clients require a legal expert for different things.  One of the keys to providing affordable legal help is allowing clients to only for services that they need and not for services that they don’t need.  That is the main point of unbundled legal services.  It allows the client to select, ? la carte style, from a menu of legal services.  A client gets specific services at a lower price than if they hired an attorney for complete representation at a hirer price.  For example, you might hire an attorney for the limited purpose of reviewing legal documents that you wrote yourself.  As another example, you might intend to represent yourself in court but, knowing that court procedure can be extremely complex, you might hire a lawyer to advise you on court procedure ahead of your court date.  It is clear that unbundled legal services are generally a good a way to deliver affordable legal help.  

The need for a low-cost family lawyer.

There is no doubt that anyone contemplating a divorce should seek legal help.  While the issues in play whenever anyone divorces.  You don’t have to have an enormous fortune to be at some financial risk when you divorce.  You don’t have to be famous for custody issues and division of property to complicated and emotionally painful.  That is why a low-cost family lawyer is essential for anyone who isn’t rich and famous.  You get the legal help that you need without going broke in the process.  

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A cheap family lawyer uses unbundled legal services  

Say the word cheap and people tend to think of it in two ways.  Either they think it means they will get a bargain or they think it means that they will get something that is substandard and not worth much.  A cheap family lawyer might seem like a term that indicates substandard legal advice but it can really mean that you will get a bargain.  Take a moment to really think about your divorce and the affordable legal help that you need.  Maybe you have you and your spouse have worked out a deal between you in order to save money on hiring lawyers.    How about using a lawyer who will review the deal for you before you sign it?  That is smart use of unbundled legal services by a low-cost family lawyer.  What if you need to appear in court to determine custody and you simply cannot afford to pay a lawyer to appear in court?  You can spend less money to get a consultation and pick up some advice on how to handle yourself in court.  It is always best to have a qualified attorney represent you at every stage of your divorce if you can afford to do so, but being strategic about which services you use helps a lot.  A cheap family lawyer will allow you to have some legal representation when you need it most while not breaking the bank.  Look into using unbundled legal services for your divorce case today.