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Divorce can be very trying for the family. The couple has to sort out how to start a new life, while making sure that the children are well cared for. The mind is already exhausted, and the added pressure of child support, child custody and other legalities that come with it, isn't of much help.


In times like these, the couple requires professional guidance. Affordable Legal Help is here to provide you just that. If you're a resident of Arkansas, our family lawyers in Little Rock, AR will provide you unbundled legal services and handle your case and other legal formalities with ease. Our family attorneys Little Rock, AR are well trained to take up cases of any nature, and resolve them efficiently.


Divorce Laws in Little Rock, AR


Divorce is regulated by state laws. This means that the residency requirements, waiting periods, grounds for seeking a divorce, and other legal requirements and processes for dissolving a marriage are determined by the statutes. If you hire a divorce attorney, Little Rock, AR, these issues can be well taken care of.


For Little Rock, Arkansas, the following laws lead to the finality of the divorce:


Residency Requirements 


According to the divorce laws of Little Rock, Arkansas, one of the spouses has to be a resident of the state for at least 60 days, before applying for a divorce. Furthermore, they have to be resident of the state for 3 months, before the court can pass the final judgment.


In case, you don't fulfil the residency requirements, contact our family lawyers in Little Rock, AR, so they can guide you accordingly.


Waiting Period


Once the divorce has been filed, the parties have to wait for 30 days from the date of action, for the divorce to be finalized.


Grounds for Divorce


Arkansas is a no-fault state, but to be eligible to apply for a no-fault divorce, the couple must have lived apart for a total of 18 months continuously, without cohabitation.


Additionally, a couple may file for a divorce on the basis of the following faults as well:


  • Impotence
  • Conviction of felony
  • Habitual drunk
  • Cruel and barbarous treatment
  • Adultery
  • Separation for 18 months continuously
  • Willfully fails to provide support and daily necessities


Every divorce case is different from the rest in some way or the other. To ensure that all your concerns are catered to properly, you should take the services of a divorce attorney, Little Rock, AR.


Child Custody Laws in Little Rock, AR


In the state of Arkansas, the "tender years doctrine" was once practiced, according to which children under a certain age should remain under the custody of the mother, in case of a divorce. In recent times this law has been put aside, and the mother and father both are equally eligible to have the custody of the child. However, the final decision regarding custody made by the court is based on the best interest of the child.


Child Custody Issues 


Where child custody is concerned, several issues are imminent. Some of the issues that usually arise are listed below:


  • Payment of medical insurance
  • Payment of medical bills
  • Allocation of dependents for tax purposes
  • Payment of college expenses
  • Provisions for a special need child
  • Life insurance policies for the benefit of your child
  • Restraining orders


If you are facing any such issues, involve a child custody lawyer, Little Rock, AR, who can help you resolve these issues in a proper way.


Types of Child Custody


In Arkansas, there are five types of child custody options available to the parents:


  • Joint Physical and Legal Custody


In this case, both the parents have the right to make decisions on behalf of the child. Also, the child gets to spend an equal amount of time with both the parents.


  • Joint Physical Custody


In this type of custody, both the parents share the custodial rights and the child spends an equal amount of time with both the parents.


  • Joint Legal Custody


In joint legal custody, both the parents have equal rights to make important decisions for the child.


  • Sole Legal and Physical Custody


In this type of custody, one parent is solely responsible for taking decisions for the child and also has custodial rights.


  • Third-Party Custody


This type of custody takes place when both the parents are ineligible for custody or have passed away. In such a case the state becomes the custodian of the child. The child is put in foster care or for adoption.


If you have any queries regarding child custody or are facing any issue regarding it, a child custody attorney Little Rock, AR may be able to help you out.


Child Support Guidelines in Little Rock


Child support is mandatory, if you're not living with your children and they are under the age of 18. In Arkansas, a non-custodial parent's child support payment is calculated by using the state's Child Support Guidelines.


The amount of payable child support depends on the gross income of the non-custodial parent, after deducting the following expenses:


  • Federal and state income tax
  • Social Security
  • Medical insurance paid for dependent children
  • Court-ordered support payments paid for other dependents


Calculation of Child Support


The amount of child support payable by the non-custodial parent, is calculated according to the Monthly Family Support Chart. The current income and the number of children is taken into account by this chart, after which it calculates the appropriate amount of child support.


The percentage of income to be set aside for child support, depends on the number of dependent children.


For example:


  • If there's one dependent, 15% of the income is for child support.
  • Two dependents:21%
  • Three dependents: 25%
  • Four dependents: 28%
  • Five dependents: 30%
  • Six dependents: 32%


A child support lawyer, Little Rock, AR would be better able to guide you regarding the child support calculations.


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